Here at OrangeTree Recording Studios, we don’t just “record and mix” we simply meet all & often better all expectations of a given track, to make sure it will sound as professional as can be, we trust that all artists have different demands, and we aim to for-fill those with our experience in recording & production techniques.

We also don’t just Cue & Record, we analyse each person/instrument then make that instrument hit the board with the best results we can, we honestly believe that there is no instrument that outshines another, and treat all the same to give space, depth and most importantly “feeling” inside a session being recorded.

We use the highest quality of equipment at all times, and the the latest version of Protools HD to act as our tape machine. With our world class live room, it makes it easier to really focus on the right sound for the right song.

There is no “them” or “me” when here, you have our full attention & experience on tap. it becomes a teamwork of ideas to all achieve the same professional commercial standard. This is true for not just the recording process but mixing and producing too!

Do I need to Bring all my gear?

No. – We pride ourselves on having the best of what’s available in terms of _most_ instruments.  (See our Equipment list), you can just bring the basics, meaning travel here is easy, less stress and very exciting!.


Producing is a fine Art in itself. – We can help your band sound more commercial, be more punchy or help the track have more feeling. A lot of music is made for a live audience, and sometimes this does not work in a studio situation, thus, the song needs to be balanced correctly, to flow start to end in a pleasurable way, and generally making it “standard” to what the world is listening to right now (within that genre).

But it does not stop there. – Arrangement and flow is one thing, but often there is a fine line between a Great song and a GREAT song. and most of the time its as always in the details. – we also assist with this, helping transitions, picking the right sonic signature at the right time, layering techniques, patterns and sound design. – All of this whilst still keeping the soul of the song alive and in-tact…After all its your song, and we want to enhance it.

Do I need a producer?

Well this depends on your targets, your record label will insist upon it so the track gets to a standard that the label requires, other-times it depends on how it is played out, or if there are any growing concerns about a particular part and if your open to change.  A producers job is to always see the positives in any song and bring them out to inject more life more balance and the interaction between elements.



We understand that today, many have there own small studio setups where they feel they can enjoy tracking at their own pleasure, or simply get “red light fever” – Fear not, we can take what you tracked and do the best we can to deliver a high-a-quality mix as we can. – we can even re-amp guitars, or turn Midi drums into real drums, so the possibilities are endless here.

WE can tailor a package that suits you just fine!.


We have close ties to a few production companies that often film bands here, for example, a band comes in to record a single, and the film crew can film in documentary style from start to finish.

We happen to think its a great way to document the bands progress and to capture a good special moment in history.

We do not charge for this service as its friends of ours, but we can certainly make all arrangements on your behalf.


As we are a Professional Recording Studio, we therefore care about what we track & what we put out to labels. – its very important that everything is recorded fine & in tune!. – so we have a number of techs at hand to help with drum tuning, or guitar intonation between takes, this can really help make a good take into an amazing one and is often overlooked at the recording process.

Whatever the needs, we have it covered!