Perfect sized control room for any track/mix & master session.  Fully Air conditioned, ambient lighting, with a Neve VR Legend console taking up a proud portion of the room. РThe Fishtank (aka control room glass) has a clear view of the live room where you can see all details Рand to the right you can see the countryside via its glass windows. РThere is a customer couch for any review of tracks or simply for comfort. РThis room also hosts all the external hardware used for recording/mixing.


Our large fully air conditioned live room hosts a modest space, some natural light during the day and a set of different lighting setups for ambience at night time . – The Acoustics in this room has been divided into a dead area, and a live area or centralised for the best of both! and has been labelled as “World Class” with high ceilings this makes an ideal sounding room for acoustic instruments & drums.

Plenty of seating available including a producers sofa, lots of guitar amplifiers, Hammond organ & piano, and also a DW drum kit ready to use.

Clear views into the control room for good visual communication, This room is an inspirational one!. as hopefully you will see why.


This Room is your downtime, where you can recover between takes, or simply use this space to await your turn. – there is plenty of things to help pass the time, including a pool table, darts, TV’ & games consoles, full internet, and a kitchen area to use at your pleasure.

Plenty of light with views to the countryside in every direction. – smoking area provided.



NEVE VR Legend Console : 36 Channel desk, 1081 Mic Pre’s
ProTools 12 HD, acting as a digital Tape Machine. /Editing facilities
Burl Mothership 24/32 Converters Full MADI interface.
Monitoring via Focal Twins


Recording Outboard:-

Moses & Mitchell Patch Bays
Torpedo live Cab Emulator
Lexican Reverb
Neve 1073 DPD Mic Pre
EMI Chandler TG2 Channel Strip
Great River MP2NV Mic Pre
Headphone Amps (8 Possible feeds)
Claraphonic EQ
Manley Massive Passive EQ
FocusRite Liquid Channel
API 2500 Compresser
Slate Dragon 1176 Compressors x 2
Thermonic Fat Bustard
WarmAudio LA2A
Vertigo VSC2 VCA Compressor
Thermonic Culture Vulture
UAD PIC card for ProToolsHD
Burl Mothership
Fractal AxeFX2
Kemper Profiling amp x3
Matrix Poweramp
Furman Power Strips




Shure Sm57 x 3
Shure S545
Shure Sm7B
Sen MD421
Audix I5
AKG D112 (Kick mic)


Neumann U87 x 2 (Stereo matched pair)
Telefunken CU29 x 2 (Stereo matched pair)
DPA 4011
Sonnix ST2
Rode NT5


Royer R121 x 2
ShinyBox 46MXL
Peluso R14
Joseph M92
Ber M160



DW Performance Kit 5 Peice
Additional ludwig 14×5 SupraPhonic Snare.
Additonal Black Panther Peacemaker Snare
Zildjian Cymbal Set (2 Crash, 1 ride + Hi-Hat)
Additional Snare Bourine for style/taste
Roland DigitalDrums for additional sound design


Guitar Amps:-

Blackstar Artisan combo
Fuchs Train 45
Cornell Romany Plus (Tweed)
MesaBoogie Lonestar
Marshall JTM1
WEM Dominater Mk2
TwoRock Bi-Onyx
Hughs & Ketner Statesman
Vox Coppertop AC30 (All orignal 1964)
ToneKing Metro
RedPlate CDS3
Rivera ThirtyTwelve
Digital Amps: (See Recording outboard list)


Guitar Cabs:-

4×12 Marshall Basketweave (1963) Alinco G25’s
2×12 Alinco Gold
1×12 Montage
1×12 (Empty) + 30 Speaker drivers to choose, for sound design



Fender C/S Strat Placid Blue (S/S/S)
Fender C/S Strat Sunburst (S/S/H)
Fender C/S Strat  White (S/S/S) + Modded with Gilmour & Clapton pots
Fender C/S Tele SunRed 64 Original
Fender C/S Tele Nashville Black, P90
Fender C/S Tele Blonde 62Ri
Suhr Classic T Surf Green, (P90)
Gibson CustomShop GoldTop P90 LesPaul
Gibson CustomShop “Bonamassa Sig” Les Paul (burst)
Fender Mustang Bass
Yamaha Accoustic



We have over 50+ stomp pedals to choose for a new flavour of sound.


Pianos & Keys:-

Yamaha Upright P6-22 Piano (Premium)
Access Virus T1 Keyboard
Hammond B3 (KeyB Live) ToneWheelOrgan
N.I 61 Key SoftSynth
Nektar P6 61 Key SoftSynth
(Softsynths: too many to list)



We can have up to 16 full headphone mixes
We use SkullCandy closed ear headphones.



Lots of accessories, including Plugins for DAW, tambourines/shakers etc.

We use Premium Cabels where needed (Nutrik, Mogami) and stable Premium Mic Stands